Frequently Asked Questions

"Is your bedpan just like similar "Comfortpan" bedpans on sale?"
No, the COMFORTPAN sold by CHURCH PRODUCTS, is the original, patented, COMFORTPAN bed pan made in the USA since 1993.

"How do I use the Comfortpan bedpan?"
Please click here for a detailed explanation on how to use the pan.

"Can you ship to foreign countries?"
Yes!  The Comfortpan can be shipped worldwide.  Please visit the Order page.

¡Sí! El Comfortpan puede ser enviado en todo el mundo. Por favor, visite la página  de pedido.

Oui! Le Comfortpan peut être expédié dans le monde. S'il vous plaît visitez la page de commande.

"Does the Comfortpan spill?"
Honestly any type bedpan will spill if it is not kept level during removal after the patient has used it. What is unique about the design of the Comfortpan is the liquid waste will catch under the large comfortable seat, enabling easy transport to empty without spilling or splashing.

"Can your Comfortpan bed pan be used as a bariatric bed pan?"
Yes, the Comfortpan is the perfect solution for the bariatric patient although it was designed for all sized patients - built to withstand 1200 lbs.

"How many bedpans has your company sold?"
Thousands upon thousands.   In addition, our business has continued to show significant growth every year.