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Directions for Use

1. Turn the patient gently on their side, facing away from the care giver. (Comfortpan may also be used while sitting in an upright position.) If extra protection is desired, a hospital under pad may be placed beneath the hip area.

2. The bedpan should be placed low and centered evenly between the patient’s thighs, allowing the tailbone area to rest comfortably on the wide seat area. The convenient pour spout, located at the top part of the pan, should be facing toward the patient’s feet.

3. Be careful to ensure that the buttocks are supported by the seat of the pan and not resting in the pan.

4. To remove a full pan, grasp the wide edge on the side of the pan. Hold both the pan and its contents level while slowly having the patient turn away onto their side, if unable to raise their hips sufficiently for easy removal. Empty, rinse, and wash with hot soapy water. Comfortpan is sterilizable or autoclavable.


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