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Meet Comfortpan’s Creator

Judi Church

As a personal care professional for over 20 years, Judi envisioned a bedpan that would help alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by old-fashioned, hard plastic and metal bedpans. She set-out to design flowing curves with a softer, lower seat that cradles the hips for added comfort.

Since 1993, when Judi created the Comfortpan, her vision of a comfortable bedpan — which was considered to be a radical idea in the health industry– has now revolutionized patient care and raised a new standard of comfort for patients who never thought it possible when using a bedpan.

The patented Comfortpan is now sold all over the world and is considered to be indisputably the most comfortable bedpan available. Comfortpan continues to grow in popularity with nurses and patients throughout the United States and into 13 countries worldwide.

Judi’s seminal life-work continues to be focused on creating awareness within the healthcare and patient communities, that the painful narrative of old, hard, bedpans has been replaced by the innovative Comfortpan, proven to be a better, more comfortable fit for all.


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